Number of People on each Social Network:

1.28 Billion on Facebook

540 Million on Google+

500 Million on Twitter

300 Million on LinkedIn

200 Million on Instagram

70 Million on Pinterest

45 Million on Foursquare

Social Media Sites are the most trafficked websites in the world and people tend to stay longer on Social Networking sites than any other website, on average. If you’re not properly utilizing Social Media or not taking the power of Social Media Marketing (SMM) seriously, you’re missing out on a huge market and potentially a large amount of revenue. Small Business Marketing absolutely has to start with Social Media. We handle Creation, Design, Branding, Content Creation, Posting, Ad Management, Optimization, and Linking of Business and Personal Pages and Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest and Google+. Which ones make sense for your business to utilize? Most Advertising Agencies offer some sort of SMM, but it’s always on the back burner. We realize the potential and importance of it, that’s why we put it in the forefront.

There are many new technologies soon to be released including:

Facebook Video AdvertisingInstagram AdvertisingTwitter Video AdvertisingFacebook Re-Designed Pages, and more! Follow our BLOG to stay up to date with all the changes!

Did you know: 91% of people research online before ever making a purchase and 61% of people in the United States own a Smart Phone. Obviously effective Online Advertising is vitally important. Does your website encourage your customers to purchase from you? How easy is it to find your business online? Are you advertising on Search Engines like Bing Ads or Google Adwords? Is your business using email that matches your domain or are you using a generic email address like gmail or yahoo?

If your Website is boring, too busy, or in any way unappealing to visitors, you’re not only going to lose potential customers, but your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to suffer which will potentially mean missing out on future revenue. Your Web Marketing has to be on point or you’re doomed from the start! We design and build beautiful, simple, and user-friendly websites that your customers will want to go to. We also specialize in SEO and SEM management to get your business found.

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