Written by dustin@beesocialbuzz.com

New Facebook Advertising features coming soon…

In the coming weeks, Facebook will be rolling out new features with their Advertising Software. New opportunities include Re-Marketing, Enhanced Targeting and Multi-product Ads!


If you’re not currently utilizing Facebook Advertising, you will be soon. Facebook has been bashed in the last year or so for dramatically decreasing brands’ organic reach forcing businesses to pay to advertise and reach their followers. Though Organic Reach is now down to somewhere between 5-8%, it’s not all bad.


Facebook Advertising, done right, can be an extremely effective way of reaching new customers, engaging with old ones, and sparking some engagement. One of our clients is averaging less than $0.50 per new like to their page and is nearing 1,000 new likes per week with a fairly limited advertising budget. With the right strategy, the new features that are rolling out in the next few weeks and a great presence, your business can flourish with Facebook Advertising…without spending THOUSANDS per WEEK with Radio or Television Commercials.


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