HIVE Digital Strategy Point System

What is Value-Based Pricing?

Value-based pricing is a way to eliminate inefficiencies and ensure that each dollar spent is used to move your business closer to reaching your goals. Points are purchased and spent on marketing activities. With a point system pricing model, we are also able to be more agile in responding to activities that are working and those that aren’t. It’s a win-win for everyone in an inbound marketing campaign.

Actual tactic costs may vary based on needed turnaround time and/or complexity.

Marketing Menu


  • HIVE GrowthPlan Digital Strategy Document – starting at 96 points or 8 points per month over 12 months
  • Account Management, Review, and Strategy – 12% of points (minimum 15 points per month)

Content & Marketing Automation

  • Blog Post (minimum 500 words) with SEO focused content – starting at 8 points each
  • Blog Post (minimum 1,000 words) with SEO focused content – starting at 14 points each
  • Blog Post (minimum 1,500 words) with SEO focused content – starting at 20 points each
    • Blog posts include topic creation, research, SEO focused content, featured image, and call-to-action.
  • High Value Content Offer – starting at 50 points each
    • Ex. eBook, checklist, white paper, infographic, guide, etc.
    • Includes custom call-to-action, landing page, and thank you page (requires a CMS or HubSpot)
  • Segmented Email – starting at 4 points each
  • Newsletter Email – starting at 6 points each
  • RSS Email – starting at 4 points
  • Workflow/Drip Campaign Development – starting at 12 points
    • Requires HubSpot or similar software

Sales & Sales Enablement

  • Lead Scoring Development – starting at 50 points
  • Chat Bot Development – starting at 20 points
  • CRM Implementation – starting at 20 points
  • Sales Enablement Campaign – starting at 50 points per month
    • May include: setting up chat/messenger tools, setup calling in the CRM, setup sales workflows, reporting dashboard creation, sales and marketing alignment review, email template creation, sales document creation, sequence creation and optimization, rep-specific landing page development, customer case study creation, prospecting support, LinkedIn Expansion management, and reporting and review.
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment – starting at 30 points
    • May include: alignment workshop, redefining lifecycle stages, goal setting (sales and marketing), SLA development, lead handoff procedure creation, sales content review, and reporting and review.

Social Media

  • Social Media Campaign – starting at 10 points per month
  • LinkedIn Expansion Campaign – 10 points per month

Search Engine Optimization

Public Relations

  • Silver PR Campaign – 17 points per month
  • Gold PR Campaign – 34 points per month
  • Platinum PR Campaign – 70 points per month
  • Boilerplate – 7 points
  • First Press Release – 14 points
  • Extra Press Releases – 7 points each
  • Press Kit – 30 points
  • Local Media List – 10 points
  • Regional Media List – 12 points
  • National Media List – 15 points
  • Influencer List & Outreach – 20 points

Note: Pricing updated for 1/1/2020. Pricing subject to change at any time and for rushed or weekend/holiday work.

Any unused points will roll over to the next month. Points only expire if agreement is cancelled.

You will have a dedicated Account Manager to help run your campaign from start to finish.

Each month’s point usage will be decided in your monthly analytics review and strategy session.


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