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Why Social Media is overlooked WAY too often…

It’s been amazing looking at so many different Social Media profiles and pages every single day. Some are great, some are not so great, and some don’t even exist. As a Social Media Expert and Marketing Professional, I am constantly looking at ways to improve my client’s Social Media Presence and the presence of my own as well. There are new tricks coming out all the time and new ways to capitalize on your target market.

How many Business Owners and Managers should take Social Media for granted? The answer…ZERO.

How many Business Owners and Managers actually take Social Media for granted? The answer…NOT ZERO.

Far too often, Social Media responsibilities are left to the Business Owner that doesn’t even have enough time to make a dent in his or her to-do-list, left to an hourly employee that really doesn’t care about it…it’s just a way for them to be on Facebook all day and not get in trouble, or it’s passed on to the niece of the Owner with the assumption that because she is always on Facebook that she’s qualified to run the Social Media for their business.

You’d never leave your Print Material, Radio Commercials, TV Commercials, Billboards, or any other marketing activities in those kind of hands would you?

What if I told you that you’re actually going to reach MORE PEOPLE through Social Media than any of those other mediums? Your Social Media should take precedence over any marketing campaign that you’re running.

With Social Media you’re going to reach potential customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. You’re going to establish a brand, reputation, and perception of your business online. You don’t earn a reputation by that Billboard that you’re spending $2000+ per month on.

My theory is the reason that Social Media, and really all Digital Media, is overlooked is because its value is hiding in plain sight. We constantly see people on their phones using Facebook, Twitter, etc. and just take it as a new way of life. Because the younger generations use it causes it to be discounted. How does that make sense? Aren’t those your future customers? Social Media is the World’s most influential marketing platform, and it’s not close! Here are just some quick statistics on Social Media:

Number of People on each Social Network:

1.28 Billion+ on Facebook

540 Million+ on Google+

500 Million+ on Twitter

300 Million+ on LinkedIn

200 Million+ on Instagram

70 Million on Pinterest

45 Million on Foursquare

How many people saw your television commercial? Probably not 1.28 BILLION people. And how many used their DVR to fast forward past your commercial? Many more than you’d like, I’m sure…especially for that price tag.

How many people drive by that Billboard each day? 540 MILLION? Definitely not.

How many people read the Westword and see your ad each day? 500 MILLION? Not even close.

Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to reach 1.28 Billion people by just being on Facebook, but just the sheer number of people that frequent these sites is astonishing. I have run many, many marketing campaigns in my career including radio, billboards, print, email, text messaging, special events, and I was even in a movie that shot a scene in a former business that I ran, and yet none of them were even half as successful as the Social Media campaigns that i’ve run. Social Media is the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal and I suggest that you give it the respect that it deserves by really evaluating your current situation and making a change if you think it could be better.

We are in this business to help SMBs grow by improving their Online Presence with Branded, Consistent, and Revenue Generating designs, content, and pages.

Let us create a Buzz around your Business for a fraction of what you’re wasting on that Billboard!

– Dustin Brackett, CEO, Bee Social

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